Good Design Notes

All artificial things are designed.

Two of the most important characteristics of good design are discoverability and understanding.


  • Is it possible to even figure out what action are possible and where and how to perform them?


  • What does it all mean?
  • How is the product supposed to be used?
  • What action are possible?
  • Where and how should they be done?

Industrial design: The professional service of creating and developing concepts and specifications that optimize the function, value, and appearance of products and systems for the mutual benefit of both user and manufacturer.

Interaction design: The focus is upon how people interact with technology. The goal is to enhance people's understanding of what can be done, what is happening, and what just occurred. Interaction design draws upon principles of psychology, design, art, and emotion to ensure a positive, enjoyable experience.

Experience design: The practice of designing products, processes, services, events, and environments with a focus placed on the quality and enjoyment of the total experience.

Based on the Don Norman's book "The Design of Everyday things".